WWYD?Embracing TORAH!

What Would Yahushua Do?

The Exodus Conspiracy!

Does the "traditional" Exodus story of Moses and the Hebrew slaves from Egypt leave you with more questions than answers? Has science, modern geological data and satellite imagery proven the "traditional" Exodus story as impossible? The answer is a resounding "YES!" Here you will learn the TRUE story of the Exodus and see how science, geology, ancient maps and satellite imagery PROVE IT...

SEE for yourself the TRUE Mt. Sinai and Mt. Horeb in MIDIAN (western Saudi Arabia). See the remains of the Israelite Camp, the Altar and the Tabernacle at the base of Mt. Sinai. See the stone carvings that PROVE the Exodus story into the TRUE Midian (western Saudi Arabia). See the massive "split rock" that provided water in the desert for all the Israelites and their livestock for all those years while at Mt. Sinai. Trace the EXACT ROUTE our Father lead Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt and see how science and geology PROVE IT. This "EXODUS CONSPIRACY" will set you free from "traditions" and "inherited lies."

Menorah carving on ancient stone in Midian (Saudi Arabia)Menorah carving on ancient stone in Midian (Saudi Arabia)

Here are some highlights to the film...

TombstoneSplit Rock in Midian from a distance...The Split Rock that Moses struck to bring forth water...Altar site with animal chutes...Sandal carvingsCoral-encrusted Chariot remains...The Ark of the Covenant ~ Artist interpretation