Embrace Torah!WWYD?

Walls of Jerusalem, YHWH's City of David

So, what would Yahushua (YAH-hoo-shu-ah) do?

Messiah reading Scripture

1.    He would probably start with exposing how manipulated by MEN almost every "Bible" you have is, in English, Greek, and Hebrew... Seriously... No joke!

The Bibles you have in your possession are so badly corrupted with ancient changes by the "lying pens of the Scribes," inserted traditions of men, and blood cult doctrines from Egypt that one must work and study ~HARD~ to filter out the editorial work of the Fallen Watchers and their degenerate man-inserted poison from the pure honey words of The Creator.

Every Bible has ~some~ truth remaining, but much of it is tainted and corrupted as they all originate from the same massively-edited, doctrine-twisted parchments and fragments. None of them come from any "originals" of anything. They all are highly edited by so-called "religious" men, where even Torah itself is not untouched and without manipulation.

Before you click away and I lose you by this incredible, and some would say, blasphemous charge against "His Infallible Word" protected throughout time (standard Christian dogma doctrine), give me a chance to show you some of what I have seen, learned, and have been shown by hidden and suppressed ancient writings and ~truly~ listening to the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) within me, convicting me of believing a "bad testimony" against The Eternal.

But I must first briefly deeply apologize to all those who have visited this site in the past, back when it was just another "pea in the pod" Hebrew Roots apologetics web site about Torah, the sacrificial system of atonement by slaughtered animals and their blood, the corruption of Christianity by paganism, and the required human blood sacrifice of the "Lamb of God." I am so sorry if you took anything I had on the old web site and based YOUR doctrines the same way. I am so sorry if I influenced you into deep, dark error in any way...

Believe that "still, small voice" within you... It is The Eternal speaking!

Have you not read the stories about all the animal sacrifices required at the Altar, all the cutting of animals throats, their blood spilled into vessels and poured out? The splitting of animal carcases and walking through the blood, the thousands of animals sacrificed, many of them firstborn young, and deep inside you, you had a "gut check" about the "holiness" of such things, but suppressed it as blasphemous thoughts of the wicked flesh? Or was that The Creator speaking to your spirit, warning you of your error?

I now believe it is The Eternal, The Creator, the Elohim of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, that is calling you to QUESTION this evil testimony about Him, using texts attributed to Him as "His Word," yet containing twisted words of dark forces and their men of lying pens. The Prophets, if you read them IN CONTEXT, warn Israel away from these blood cult sacrifices and explain how they were never His commands, nor does he find any pleasure in them, indeed they are a STENCH in His nostrils. But we do not see, nor do we hear, for we have believed and inherited a LIE from our Fathers...

Let us begin... In the beginning...


Have been since Messiah walked the earth... Messiah came among us, taught us His revolutionary call to repentance, was rejected by the Builders, was killed and rose to life so that we may have life. The Temple is destroyed, the Priesthood has been defrocked and nullified, and most of us do not "live in the land" where YHWH has chosen to put His name, Israel. We are scattered and ignorant of who we are. The Torah and the New Testament is tainted with error and fabrications and the TRUE Word of TRUTH from The Creator has been put inside us, in our hearts, if we listen and do not twist it. It is that STILL, SMALL VOICE... Do you hear it even now as I attempt to pull lifelong scales of blindness from your eyes?

SYNCRONICITY! You are here for a reason...

WARNING: Explicit Truth!

Now it is about to get DEEP, for I have been shown things in the last few years that has shaken my faith to the core and challenged beliefs I have held for decades. Truths I thought were unshakable have been shown to be just more Babylon lies. I have now seen a glimmer of how deep the "Rabbit Hole" goes and it is time I, like Morpheus in the movie, "The Matrix," give you a CHOICE...

The Red or Blue Pill


Before you choose, know that this is NOT a path that you can step back from, for what you learn cannot be unlearned... The "Matrix" will be exposed to you forever and you will understand the parable of the "narrow path" that few find. You will also recall the "bliss of ignorance" and know why some wanted to go back to Egypt. You will loose friends (but REAL friends will always be so) and be persecuted, even by those who cherish Torah and are within the "Hebrew Roots." You will grieve at how deep and wide the Rabbit Hole is... But you WILL be SET FREE! For your eyes will SEE and your ears will HEAR, and your heart will FEEL, if even just a bearable small portion, what the Messiah must feel in His heart as High Priest...

The RED pill
Red Pill

The BLUE pill
Blue Pill